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Here is a little bit about me: My name is Jennifer and I am the principle photographer and owner of Southern Dreaming Photography. I am a wife, a mother, and a big-time science nerd. I have a master's degree in infectious diseases and I work at the Department of Health. Wait, what? If you're wondering right about now how this all plays into being a photographer, good question. I have always loved art, long before my dad gave me his old first generation Canon Rebel when I was 12. When the science bug bit me in my early adolescence, I pushed all the creativity away. I thought the two couldn't co-exist. I devoted myself to medical science and tried to ignore all the little ways creativity was trying to fight its way back in. Well, I was wrong.


I never really put the camera down, but I also did not recognize it for the powerful tool it is. When I began working with vulnerable populations later in my career, I started carrying a lot of emotional stress home with me. I found it incredibly difficult to see people suffering in my own city and go home and pretend it hadn't affected me. That is when photography became a steady fixture in my life. A powerful, healing art that I can give back.


Photography gives something indescribable to a person. I can capture a fleeting, irreplaceable moment that documents something priceless in a person's life and give them a gift I would not otherwise be able to do without my camera. Photography has taught me that life is a balance that embraces all aspects of your heart and art can bring a little bit of lightness back into the darkness of our complex world. 

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