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Why should I invest in photography? 

It hit me one night when a close friend came to visit and asked me to see my wedding album. I didn't have one to show them. Not for a lack of beautiful wedding photos, I certainly had those. Not for a lack of professional printing resources; I'm a photographer, so I certainly have that. Four years later, I just never found the time and somehow something that was so important to me, slipped away.


That's when I realized something life changing. I was doing a huge disservice to my clients by spending so much time crafting a beautiful session for their important life moments and handing them a disk full of digital files. If I called them up right now, I bet those photos would still be sitting on a disk in a drawer, waiting for the 'some day' when time was made to print them so they could be cherished every day. 

When you're ready to invest in memorializing your most precious and fleeting family memories, whether it is maternity, newborn, or children's portraits, contact us to start the highly personalized planning process. I will guide you through all of the small details and take away all of the stress that can be associated with family portraits, from colors, outfits, locations, and props. 

Our beautiful, heirloom products are made with the finest quality photographic paper and inks from award winning, professional printing labs, all owned and operated in the U.S. Contact us for a full list of products offered. 


The Full Service Experience 

To book your session, a $150 retainer fee is collected. Then we begin the process of planning your session from conception to finished product.  We believe in old fashioned customer service; the type that handles your project from beginning to end with white-glove care. 

What is included in every session at no extra charge:

Use of client closet

Prop and outfit design

Professional guidance on placement in-home, size, shape, and colors of portraits and wall art

Installation of wall art in your home, if needed

In-person ordering session with expert guidance on product  

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